About the Illinois Community Health Workers Association (ILCHWA)


The Illinois CHW Association (ILCHWA) formerly known as the Chicago Community Health Worker Local Network (CCHWLN) was created by a group of health educators from Chicago and surrounding suburbs in 2003. ILCHWA is by and for Community Health Workers (CHWs).  In 2016 CCHWLN became the Illinois CHW Association. 


ILCHWA mission is to support and facilitate the progress of CHWs/Promotoras de Saluds and the diverse communities they serve through: Peer support, group education, provision of information and resources, health promotion and disease prevention, so that united we can affect change, growth, and understanding in our communities.


The Illinois Community Health Workers and Promoters Network is committed to a society in which all of its residents, regardless of their socioeconomic status, have access to reliable health care services and the information necessary to live healthy lives.

The success of the Illinois CHW /Promotores Network depends on the guidance of dedicated members who serve on the Network’s board. To join the board, participate in our monthly meetings, and share your ideas for Network activities, please contact Leticia Boughton at 312.878.7015 or Alfredo Lopez at 312.878.7016