Lorraine Hitchcock – Secretary

Talibah Johnson – Committee Chair

Frances Nance – Active Board Member 



Lorraine Hitchcock is a case manager assistant to the Head Start program and a community outreach worker. As a case manager assistant with Head Start, Ms. Hitchcock works to make sure children are in compliance with school medical and dental regulations. In her role as a community outreach worker, she attends health fairs, providing information on clinic operations and programs, diabetes, women’s health, pediatric health, and TIPS. Ms. Hitchcock started her work as a parent advocate within Chicago Public Schools. From there, she focused on nutrition information and education. She worked with parents, empowering and educating them to make smart decisions around nutrition.  Ms. Hitchcock now works with Chicago Family Health. In addition to her work with Head Start, she works in high schools providing health information. As a true community outreach worker, Ms. Hitchcock works directly with the school to provide information and services based on their highest need.

Active Board Member

Frances Nance’s interest in community health started when she joined Americorps in 1998.  Initially hired by Sinai Community Institute, she was then transferred to Sinai Hospital to join the Senior Services Outreach team, which included a medical doctor, a medical assistant, and Ms. Nance.  With her team, she ministered to the residents of North Lawndale and West Garfield, educating on health issues, offering foot exams, blood pressure and diabetes screening, and information on nutrition.  Ms. Nance began work at Lawndale Christian Health Center in 2001, gathering statistics on health disparities in North and South Lawndale.  Here, she received very structured training on taking blood pressures, nutrition, exercise, diabetes, and getting resources into the community.  In 2004, she was asked to help obtain statistics on a project entitled Diversity and Disparity:  GIS and Small-Area Analysis in Six Chicago Neighborhoods, where she surveyed residents of the North Lanwdale and Humboldt Park communities.


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